Wooden tray

Bamboo Serving Tray 11.6in x7.5in
Constructed of Premium natural and Eco-friendly bamboo, real solid wood, strong and durable. Ensures a lifetime use if taken care well.
Glossy and sleek surface with natural beautiful grains, all surface is finely finished by three times, but natural grains are greatly maintained.
It can apply to a variety of climate conditions and occasions. Perfect for serving your guests, serving food, Tea, Coffee, Wine Red, Cocktail, Meals, Fruit, etc. Also suit for Home Decor.
The easy-grip handle ensures a comfortable, secure hold for you. No dead angle design leaves No Room for dust and makes clean up a breeze;Just wipe it clean with wet cloth, So Easy!
Waterproof, Anti-mildew and anti-microbico. Moderate size for high portability. Size: 11.6in x7.5in

Table Parameter

Made from strong, attractive and sustainable bamboo, this little tea tray is strangely coveted by all who see it. Designed to hold our Shen Glass Tea Set, it will make your tea drinking and tea serving experience complete. It holds the Teapot, the Teacup and Saucer, and the Jug. The tray sides contain any spills and drips and it fits neatly on just about any table. Size: 11.4" x 7.5" / 29.5 x 19cm

Size:11.6in x7.5in

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